A Little Perspective…..30 Americans Paid the Ultimate Price For Our Freedom

Can we have a little perspective today?  Somewhere today, a mother….father….brother…..wife…….son……daughter……friend…..is

Today,  along with those family members and friends, America is mourning the loss of the 30 U.S. troops who were killed when Afghan insurgents shot down a helicopter carrying the most elite forces in the U. S. military— Navy SEAL’s along with Air Force and Army personnel.

This death toll will surpass the worst single day loss of life for the U.S. – led coalition in Afghanistan since the war began in 2001.

We don’t know what the markets will do tomorrow.  There is uncertainty about the economy and interest rates.  There is dought in some areas of the country and flooding in others.  There is division within our goverment.

But……for some people today, none of that matters.  If you have suffered a loss such as this, then you know.  If you haven’t, then you can’t.

Could we join together as ONE – take a moment and say a prayer for the families and friends of the warriors who gave their lives this week-end so that we might live free?

Sometimes we just need a little perspective……..

3 Responses to “A Little Perspective…..30 Americans Paid the Ultimate Price For Our Freedom”

  1. 1 Cindy Leger August 7, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    Louise thank you for reminding us that while we sit in the comfort of our air conditioned home…there are dedicated men and women fighting for our freedom. God Bless the families of the lost service members my prayers are with you. My prayers are with the ones that are actively fighting to protect us and their families as well.

  2. 3 Becky Christensen August 7, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Each and every hour – Keeping them All in my thoughts and Prayers! 1 % of the American families are actively serving, and for all of us with Military in our family, can feel the pain and loss or these Hero’s – everyone of them was someone’s son!

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