Several years ago, I established mortgage banking offices in two military communities. At the same time I established the offices, I began to gather together a team – Team Thaxton. Everyone knew mission – as the team was formed and as new members were added – we were to “serve those who serve”.

Of course, we could never forgot our mission, we sit before military clients every day. But I believe the passion began to fade and dim as our business grew tougher. We recited the creed, put it on posters in our offices, and even stamped it on our business cards. But the truth was (and is) our industry is a tough one – and it is extremely hard to focus on the “heart” while the “head” had to be so totally engaged in the process.

We needed a revival of our heart. I believe that is what the “Boot Campaign” did for us. It revived our hearts. From the first moment I heard about it, I knew. This was not just something my team would “like” to become involved in – this was something that they would become PASSIONATE about! Because at the core of who they are – their heart – they want to serve those men and women of the United States military. I have watched this team over the last few years, from my loan assistants and junior processors, to the underwriter, closer and funders, to the owner of the company. Their HEARTS center on service.

We bought the boots, had the shirts made, and many of the team drove for two hours for a photography session where we could be together, have some fun and reconnect on our mission – to serve those who serve. I hope you not only enjoy the video of the “Suits in Boots” but that you also remember YOUR mission – whatever it is. And if that mission has dimmed for whatever reason- seek a revival of your heart today. Believe me – its worth it.

No matter what you read in the press, the majority of those of us remaining in the mortgage business are doing business the way we have always done business – with honesty, integrity, and a heart for serving.

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